Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stuff 'n' Nonsense

I got my first official linking from my good friend Emily (Young, Married, and Stuck in Cleveland). Now I feel pressured to write something brilliantly funny. Unfortunately, I've had the work week from hell, so my brain is on the rather fuzzy side right now. I'll never write extensively about work, because, well, I don't want to be dooced. I actually love my job, and don't want anything to happen to it. Let it suffice to say that I edit Stuff that goes to Latin America. Which means that Spanish and Portuguese are my main specialties, so if I slip up on English every now and then, it can't be held against me. Okay, maybe it can, but I think that all people should be able to make up words now and then... even unintentionally.

Since I'm drawing a blank on the funny today, how about the mildly disturbing? At least, it is mildly disturbing for me. Others may find it funny. I know Emily did.

I can never go to the doctor without something horribly embarassing happening. When I went for my Special Girly Exam last year, I'm sure you can imagine my surprise and discomfort when the person who walked in wasn't my normal doctor. In fact, it was worse: it was my friend's MOTHER. I went ahead with the exam because my job at the time made it very difficult to take time off and no one else could see me. Besides, it wasn't like I knew her very well... just as well as you CAN know someone you've met a couple of times, is the mother of one of your better friends, and who happens to be looking into your cervix. That friend has luckily since moved to Scotland, so I haven't been over to their house since the exam. Because "patient confidentiality" means nothing to their family.

But I've since changed my insurance coverage and am going back to my old family doctor... which I'm happy about, because he acts like a human instead of an M.D. And then I remembered. It is almost that time of year again, so soon this man, too, will have seen my crotch. And he'd be the only man in the world to have seen both my cervix and my mother's. And I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I find that mildly disturbing. As long as he doesn't start talking about family resemblances or something, I think I'll be okay. Just a little weirded out.


Refinnej said...

Hrm. I never really pondered the idea that my former doctor had seen the cervixes of all 3 women in my family. Weird.

Funny, she did groan one day when she saw me sitting in the exam room - I guess her nurse had scheduled multiple PAPs and she said she was tired of looking at "them." LOL

Chickin Noodle said...

My current doctor was the same doctor that delivered he clearly has seen bothe generations. It is weird to think about that... a little disturbing. Luckily my mom now goes to a different doctor.

Becky said...

Hey! She only mentioned you after I brought it up.