Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fly-by update

Things have certainly been busy since moving to Cleveland! Work often keeps me twelve hours (or more... eek!), and then there's that whole "getting settled" thing, which never seems to end. We're down to just a handful of boxes, though. Yes, I know we've been here a few months, but you have NO IDEA how much stuff we came out here with. The fact that everything else has been taken care of is rather impressive. So there.

Dan and I moved up our wedding, and it is in three and a half weeks. ACK! Most of the planning is done, though. And my dress? Gorgeous! I love it. So that's going well, though it has been hectic. We were going to get married in 2007, but a variety of factors came up and we decided to go with December 23. A Christmas wedding! Yay! It will be down in Miami, so I get to see all my Miami-based friends again, which is much-needed and I'm looking forward to it.

My best friend (Elisa) came to visit for Thanksgiving and it was lovely to have her here. Dan and I were both ready to adopt her. Or kidnap her and force her to live with us in Cleveland. I haven't given up that plan yet, actually!

So life is good. That's about all I have to report.