Tuesday, May 19, 2009

12 Weeks to a Better Me!

I'm starting the American Heart Association's 12 Weeks to a BetterU program on June 1 and have decided to log my experiences and progress here. I've tried lots of ways of keeping myself true to my workout schedule and healthy eating habits, and think that maybe publicly logging them every week will help.

Joshilyn Jackson (who is coincidentally a fantastic author -- check her out) is a spokesmodelblogger for the American Heart Association for this year's 12-weeks program is tracking her own progress on her blog: Faster than Kudzu and that inspired me to do the same, albeit without the fantastic title of spokesmodelblogger.

As for my beginning stats, my cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. have always been very healthy. However, I've gained weight since moving to Cleveland, and I'm hoping to lose part of it over he next 12 weeks through healthy living. I tell you, winter has not been kind to my belly!

As of May 19:

Measurable facts and goals:

BMI = 29.1, which says I am overweight. We all know that BMI calculations are not ideal because they do not take muscle mass, etc. into account, but it is still something measurable that I'd like to monitor.
BMI Goal = 26.6. This is still classified as overweight, but this is just a 12 week program. I don't want to set unreasonable expectations so I can get frustrated with myself. Right?

Waist Size = 33 inches, which is under the recommended 35 inches on the AHA website. I'm ok with this, but who doesn't want a smaller waist line?
Waist Size Goal = I'm not sure what a reasonable goal would be in 12 weeks or what the pounds I want to lose would equal in inches. Besides this week, the last time I measured my waist was for my 6th grade chorus dress fitting (30 inches, if you're interested).

I also like to make random goals that I can't measure with numbers but will notice the results and make me unspeakably happy:

1. Have slim enough calves to be able to wear those sexy knee-high boots in the fall.

2. Have the widest part of my thighs be slimmer than my hips (I carry most of my extra weight in my hips and thighs, witch a few stubborn pounds in my belly).

So wish me luck and stay tuned! I'll be starting this program soon, and encourage everyone to do the same!