Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Good Life

We've told as many people in person as we can, so now is the time for the general announcement for those we haven't been able to reach: Dan and I are engaged! Yes, he's finally making an honest woman out of me... or will when we eventually have the wedding in a couple of years. We haven't started planning it yet, since time is consumed by a monster called Moving to Cleveland. Actually, after he proposed, I suggested we just elope in Vegas, but he wants the big wedding and party, complete with friends, family, music, dancing, and midgets. Well, not midgets in particular, but I know Dan. Midgets always make his day a little (no pun intended) brighter. Personally, I hate being the center of attention, but it would be nice to have a big party anyway. Though maybe he'd go for the Vegas idea if I told him we could be married by a midget dressed as Elvis... after all, I firmly believe compromise is the key to any good relationship.

I find all this to be almost too good to be true, but when I look at this sparkling ring on my finger, I know I don't have to pinch myself. This is real, and this is great. Not just the engagement; how great Dan just IS, and how grateful I am to have him with me for the rest of our lives... even when he's being deliberately annoying and threatening to lick my eyeball, or any other way he takes advantage of the fact that I'm easily grossed out by anything having to do with eyes (I mean really, contact lenses anybody? Gross! WHY would anyone voluntarily stick a plastic disc into their eye?? But I digress. Ahem.). The point is, I wish everyone the luck I've had -- to be able to find someone who loves you for who you are and want to be, whose strength you can count on when times are troubled, who believes in you when even you are having your doubts -- and still be a human, complete with faults and cracks and an almost too devilish sense of humor.

To me, that is what the good life is all about.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Say it with me now: Awwww...

Reason # 5,376 Dan is awesome
He just dropped off two dozen yellow roses at my job -- for no reason whatsoever.

I feel so loved :-)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

After the rain

I woke up at 5 this morning to the sounds of earth-shaking thunder. Car alarms were going off, and lightning was flashing through the heavy curtains in my bedroom, lighting up the entire room. It is that time in Miami, when Mother Nature gets temperamental and disagreeable, like a small child who needs a nap. The day did little to improve, except for a short, considerate respite coinciding with my morning commute. From then up until ten minutes ago, it seemed as if a hurricane was brewing outside my office window. The world outside is wet, even flooded in places, but the sun is starting to come out, slowly drying things off in nature's form of damage control. Today, this is my favorite part of the storm: the aftermath. Other days it is the crashing thunder and blinding lightning. But today, seeing the world so fresh and new (the Miami version of new snow, I suppose), it is easy to have hope that your troubles will evaporate like the puddles in the street below, to think that tomorrow is a day without mistakes or pettiness in it yet, and that life is a precious gift, meant to be held and loved, cuddled and cherished.