Thursday, March 23, 2006

So let it rain

Right now, a thunderstorm is starting outside my window, and it is killing my sinuses (and my right ear, just to prove how long its been since we last had a thunderstorm and how out of practice my facial cavities are at dealing with them). It really makes me want to curl up and go to sleep under the covers in the comfort of my bed. I hope this rain stops for my commute home and begins again once I'm there. Then I get out of working out, too! Woohoo! I'm not in a working out mood today. I had salad for lunch. That counts for something! Besides, I'll be looking after 8,000 animals next week, including two VERY energetic puppies. I'll be getting my exercise, alright.

There's something about thunderstorms that makes me crave human contact and companionship. I don't know if it is some leftover herd-mentality from the tree-swinging days, or just the fact that rain can make you so lonely when you least expect it. It makes you realize how small you are in the face of the world; just one raindrop amidst millions of others, not a single one very discernible from the rest.

Or maybe I'm reading too far into it. But either way, the rain can bring out a certain melancholy feeling towards life, and in some very strange way it is refreshing; it is a reason, an outlet to be worried in the face of the "he'll be ok"s, or the "things will work out"s.

Because what comes after the melancholy of rain?


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