Monday, March 20, 2006

I am a bad person.

I was on the phone with my sister (Kelly) on Friday when her oldest son got home from school.

Chris: Hi Mommy! My jacket broke!
Kelly: How did your jacket break?
Kelly: *sigh* Christopher, we've talked about this before. There are no such thing as leprechauns.
Chris: Yes there are! I can prove it to you!
Kelly: No, Christopher.
Chris: You just won't tell me there are leprechauns because you don't love me!
Kelly: (starting to get exasperated) You know what? Tia Cathy is the smartest person in the world. Ask her if there are leprechauns.

Christopher gets on the phone.

Chris: Hi Tia.
Cathy: Hey Chris, whats up?
Chris: Mommy is telling me that there's no such thing as leprechauns. Are there?
Cathy: Yes, Chris. Mommy just can't see them.
Chris: I knew it!

It is great being evil. I'm just waiting for him to be old enough for me to give him a drum set.

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Chickin Noodle said...

My husband and I were VERY close to buying our 3 year old nephew a drum set for Christmas.

I did however by my neice a pair of those squeaky shoes. She is ten months and just learning how to walk. They are super cute but could very well get on ones nerves. Plus they have a dog who loves squeaky toys. Oooops.