Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Life, the Universe, and Everything... or at least Life.

With only five more days to my dad's surgery, my stomach is slowly starting to tumble again. I leave on Saturday morning for the farm for a crash course in the nuances of taking care of the animals -- the basics are pretty obvious and similar to babysitting. You know, don't forget to feed them, give them water, clean up their poop. My "vacation" will be glorious. It may not be the way I wanted to spend my vacation days, but I'm glad I can give a hand when my parents need it. Family is family... that's that. It comes first.

Dan knew that I needed a weekend of relaxation before the 9 days at the farm wipe me out, so he planned a surprise trip to Key West -- just the two of us. He even rented a car to make it more of a surprise, instead of having us sit in my old, boring car for a few hours each way. It was exactly what we both needed. We had fun, were silly, and carefree all weekend. We spent all of Saturday in Key West, exploring restaurants, candy shops, and the shops along Duval Street, all while laughing at the stray chickens (they have a problem with that down there), horrible wigs on transvestites, and catching some live music here and there. Dan made friends with a street performer, a tumbler, who later chose me out of the audience (Grrr) to help him. I ended up on a bicycle, head down, with another guy holding a VERY small hoop on my back. Then the tumbler (who calls himself "The Black Superman") took off running, jumped, soared through the hoop over my back like a diver, somersaulter in midair, and landed on the other side. I nearly had a heart attack. It was impressive, though. And the best part? He's 48 years old! I'm less than half his age and can't even do a cartwheel!

Talk about feeling inadequate.

Right now my life is mostly full of concerns about the surgery, stuff that can't really be written here, and work. Life is usually more interesting than this, but isn't it funny how a few things can drown out just about everything else?

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Refinnej said...

Hell, it hurts my brain to even try to conjure up that particular image (the contortions!!) in my head.