Sunday, January 22, 2006

Because some things are too stupid to not share...

Last week at work, some woman wanted to send out a press release. I was contacted about the Brazilian portion of it, and its translation to Portuguese. I told the English editor that it was so late in the day that we wouldn't have the Portuguese translation back until the next day.

"Oh, that's alright," he said. "She thinks Brazil is in Europe anyway."

"Excuse me??" I said incredulously.

"Yes, she said she wanted to send the release to Europe. She asked if Turkey was in Europe, and I said no, that's in our Middle East package. Then she asked if Brazil was included in the European package, and I didn't quite know how to tell her no, other than 'Uhh... no. Brazil is on the other side of the world.'"

"WOW. That's special!"

"Yes... it gets better, actually. She is a certified member of MENSA!"

I am astounded. I can understand people maybe thinking that Turkey is part of Europe, because there has been debates over that in the past. But BRAZIL? Hard to mistake South America with Europe...

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