Monday, January 29, 2007

I give up

I give up. I hate Ohio today. I manage ok most days, but today I can't take being so far from my family, from my childhood friends, from tropical weather. I miss everyone so much it hurts. My toes haven't been properly warm since October, when I sadly stashed away my sandals to collect dust in the box lovingly labeled "Summer clothes". I don't CARE that its been a "mild" winter. Its been a mild winter for Clevelanders, not for a Miami transplant who lives in Ohio by some sick twist of fate. And I just might tell the next northerner who makes fun of me and reminds me how much worse it will be next year when we aren't so lucky to have a "mild" winter to just fuck off.

Like I said, I can take it most days. There are just a few days when I can't, and this is one of them. Today I can't stop telling myself that I just want to go HOME. And today home isn't Ohio; it's Miami.

My God, I just want to go home. HOME HOME HOME. Miami.

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