Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I never knew I had such power!

I just want to say that I'm terribly amused at the idea of someone I know downright detesting me. Not that I'm unhuman and haven't done my share of pretty shitty things, but I'm overall a good human, so the shitty things I do usually affect myself, not others. Even acquaintances describe me as "such a nice girl," or, barring that, "such a nice girl with such thick hair!"

I always knew this person acted very strangely and artificial towards me, but then, she acts that way towards everyone. I always felt that it was more pronounced towards me, but would dismiss that idea as crazy because honestly? I never spend time with her and in the grand scheme of things, barely know her. She always comes off as trying to act tougher and more out-there than she is, or could ever possibly be, so it seemed impossible to get to know her, and I gave up trying after awhile.

But now I know I was right, and she DID treat me differently. Because now I've been told that, to her, I am one of the most frustrating people on earth, and she just lets out a great "HARRUMPH!" whenever my name is mentioned. And why? Because the person she's now been dating for years had a week-long schoolboy crush on me before they started dating. I guess he never told her how I turned him down. Again and again. And again. Because frankly, he's a little on the gross side.

Perhaps I'm being hypocritical; I get that same reaction when I see Dan's ex, but there ARE a few differences. Namely, she actually dated him, and she also happens to be a lying bitch. And I don't let her existence make me feel insecure about my relationship; I felt the same way about her before Dan and I even thought of dating.

I always thought I was too nice and bland in some ways to have anyone hate me, but this girl does! And in a weird way, maybe that is a good thing. Can you truly live a full life, packed to the gills with sheer living, without having a single person resent you? Because if you can do that, you probably never said a bad word about anyone in your life. And probably nothing else worth listening to, either.

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