Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where there is love there is life. -Gandhi

Dan and I have drastically different sleep schedules. It drives me INSANE. I miss having him there while I sleep... there's something about the unconscious cuddling that does my soul a great deal of good. I hate it when I go to bed a little after 11 with promises from Dan that he'll be in bed soon, only to wake up at 4 am to an empty bed. I go into the living room, and there he is reading or on the computer. He'll then promise to be in bed soon and send me back to bed, and at 6 he'll try to sneak into bed without me waking up. It never works. I sometimes try to get him to go to bed WITH me instead of 7 hours after me, but it is only sometimes successful... the rest of the time its like trying to hold a cat in your lap and pet him against his will.

We had a crazy thunderstorm last night that was at LEAST 7 hours straight of thunder, lightning, wind, rain, tornado warnings, and flooding. It was awesome. Even our doors were rattling. Something in me needs weather like that every now and then. Dan was awake all night because he couldn't sleep, and I woke up at 4:30 because of a particularly loud clap of thunder and didn't go back to sleep for an hour; instead, Dan and I curled up together on the living room floor, opened the curtains to our sliding glass doors, and watched the storm rage outside. It was one of those hours that seems to last forever, yet only moments at the same time. We talked, we were silent... we were together. Spiritually as well as physically. It was wonderful, even though I'm entirely exhausted today from it. To me, that is part of what love is all about.

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Chickin Noodle said...

I know what you mean about not being able to sleep when they aren't there. Or is it not being able to sleep well. I don't know.